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In the heart of the Iranian people lies a shared dream – a dream of freedom


In the heart of the Iranian people lies a shared dream – a dream of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. This dream is not merely a hope for a distant future; it is a tangible vision within our grasp, waiting to be realized through our collective determination and action. At the core of this vision stands the Ten-Point Plan, a roadmap for building a new Iran founded on principles of democracy, human rights, and equality.

Each point of this plan represents a pillar upon which a democratic, secular government can be erected – a government that serves its people, upholds their rights, and fosters an environment of peace and stability. From free and fair elections to the protection of minority rights, from gender equality to economic prosperity, the plan outlines a comprehensive framework for a society that thrives on principles of justice and inclusivity.

As we strive towards a liberated Iran, it’s essential to confront the profound repercussions of the current regime’s actions. The leadership’s meddling in conflicts like the Ukrainian war and its disruptive impact in the Middle East have inflicted suffering and upheaval upon innocent civilians. The oppressive regime ruling over Iran stands as the root cause of these crises, demanding urgent attention and action.

The only viable solution to address these challenges is to focus on the “head of the snake” – the Iranian regime itself. Regime change in Iran, led by the Iranian people, is not only a desire but a necessity for peace and stability, not only in Iran but also in regions affected by its interference.

As we embark on this journey towards a free Iran, let us remember that the power to shape our destiny lies within each and every one of us. By standing together in solidarity, by championing the values of freedom and democracy, we can build a future where every Iranian can live with dignity and pride.

In this year’s event in Berlin, we gather to be the voice of the Iranian people, the Ukrainian people, and all the victims of the Iranian regime’s dictatorship. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to freedom, justice, and democracy, and we call for an end to the tyranny that has plagued our nations for far too long.


“Ten-Point Plan” for a free Iran


  1. Free and Fair Elections: Establishment of a democratic system based on the principle of separation of religion and state, and the holding of free and fair elections.
  2. Gender Equality: Commitment to gender equality in all political, social, and economic spheres of Iranian society, including the protection of women’s rights and their participation in all levels of government.
  3. Respect for Human Rights: Guarantee of fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and the press, as well as the abolition of the death penalty.
  4. Rule of Law: Establishment of an independent judiciary system based on the principles of rule of law, with an end to arbitrary arrests, detentions, and torture.
  5. Rejection of Nuclear Weapons: Renunciation of nuclear weapons and commitment to non-proliferation agreements, ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful and transparent.
  6. Regional Peace and Stability: Promotion of peaceful coexistence with Iran’s neighbors and non-interference in their internal affairs, fostering regional stability and security.
  7. Protection of Minorities: Guarantee of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, including their cultural and linguistic rights, and protection against discrimination and persecution.
  8. Economic Prosperity: Implementation of economic policies aimed at fostering sustainable development, job creation, and prosperity for all Iranians, with an emphasis on combating corruption and promoting private enterprise.
  9. Environmental Sustainability: Commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, including measures to address pollution, water scarcity, and other environmental challenges.
  10. International Cooperation: Engagement with the international community based on mutual respect and cooperation, and adherence to international laws and treaties.

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